Bad Girls Gone Good:
Empowering Change with Every Purchase

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month we are proud to announce our partnership with BEAM Impact, a mission-driven company aimed at helping brands raise money for communities in need, including: those facing housing insecurity, youth at risk, survivors of domestic violence, women’s mental health advocacy and support.

Outcast is about more than hot outfits; it's always been tied to mental health, with Paris' journey at the forefront of the brand's ethos from day one. With this in mind, we’re focused on implementing donation practices to support our overall impact and serve our conscious customers in a way that’s meaningful to us.


The Story Behind the Brand

Founded in 2015 In a true rags-to-riches story, Paris Marchant and Lawrence Lees started Outcast with of sheer grit, determination, and a shared dream, quickly turning their small venture into a globally recognized brand.

Paris, who faced a challenging battle depression at a young age, found solace in building something of her own. Lawrence, navigating a similarly challenging path, knew the value of resilience. Together, armed with nothing but $2,000 and sheer determination, they embarked on a journey that would defy the odds. 

Now, as we gear up to celebrate our 9th year, a far cry from selling bikinis out of a small apartment, Outcast is a story of resilience, hard work, and a refusal to be defined by its circumstances.


Empowering with Every Purchase

With every purchase made through our app and website, you’ll have the power to make a difference—at no extra cost. Whether it’s a new printed bikini, matching set for a night out or the revenge dress that makes him wish he was never born, 1% of every order will benefit a cause of your choice.

At checkout, you’ll now be given the chance to choose one of three non-profits, but it doesn't stop there. Each donation will contribute to tangible goals, allowing you to track the impact of your contribution in real-time.


What Nonprofits Can I Donate to?

We've chosen three nonprofits whose missions resonate deeply with Paris' mental health journey and as a result hold a special place in our hearts here at Outcast. With each donation you’ll find tangible milestones, and goals that when achieved each goal for each nonprofit, will reset to ensure the largest impact.


We are proud to announce our partnership with the below nonprofits:

SeekHer Foundation’s

SeekHer Foundation’s mission to bridge the gender gap in mental health by providing advocacy, research, and support for women during critical transitions, Outcast's support will fund access to mental well-being resources and support spaces for 1,500 women.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is dedicated to building better lives for millions affected by mental illness through education, advocacy, and services like their toll-free helpline. Outcast's contribution will fund the training of four volunteers operating a mental health helpline, providing a lifeline for those in need.

Alexandria House

Alexandria House provides safe and supportive housing for women and children transitioning from emergency shelters to stability. Outcast's support will fund moving costs for three domestic violence survivors, providing a pathway to safety and independence.

Join the Movement

This Mental Health Awareness Month, join us in making every purchase count turning fashion into a force for good.


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