We all know summer is festival season! There is nothing better then a festival trip with mates, a few cold alcoholic beverages and getting your dance on.  

If there is one thing we know, it's that the festival prep is extremely important. You need a outfit that stands out and hair and make up on point. 

Below are our top 5 tips for how to SLAY at your next festival! 

1) Comfort really is important when it comes to shoes.. there is nothing worse then wanting to reach for the lounge a few hours in because your feet kill. Try to stick with a stylish pair of flats, something with a strong sole like a pair of converse or boots or platform heels.

2) Festival's that run into the night are AMAZING.. But you have to keep in mind that while it may be blazing hot during the day, when the sun goes down it gets freezing! Our festival must have is a long sleeve blouse to wrap around our waist during the day. It's not only cute while adding dimension to your outfit - you can put it on when it gets cold to keep warm.

3) All though obvious, it's sometimes not considered.. But taking a pair of strong UV protected Sunglasses is a top tip on our list!

4) Go hard or go home when it comes to hair styling, this really is your one chance to go wild and show off with a crazy and unique hair style. We love to reach for some glitter and finish the look off with some braids.

5) Keep baggage to an absolute minimum. Complete your look with a small side bag or wallet.  

Festivals are just so much fun! we hope these tips help keep you comfortable and stylish at your next summer festival. 




Paris xo

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